9 Aug

Family Janssen

August 9, 2018

“A home away from home with the friendliest staff you can imagine.”

Where to begin, first let’s begin with the property and how beautiful it is with an amazing garden to wander in. The villa sits on 2,500sq/meters of meticulously maintained nature by Pak Putu, a gardener that must have created earth in a former life. Then the villa itself, build Balinese style but with a European touch, very open and spacious. Enough rooms to fit an extended family of 9 (7 adults and 2 kids). The very romantic guest house was on everyone’s wishlist and we had to draw straws for it. But then, the staff of the villa, they were the cherry on top of our stay. Meri who was in charge of cooking and Komang in a supporting kitchen role and both also for housekeeping. As soon as you woke up your beverage of choice was already waiting for you. Then breakfast, the most delicious fruits, pancakes, toast (from the German bakery), scrambled eggs and a freshly prepared fruit juice (watermelon, orange or mango) on the table outside were waiting for us. Some of us woke up by plunging into the pool which in contrast with other pools was created to perfectly blend with the garden and looked more like a beautiful pond. Lunch, we sometimes had a club sandwich with fries and on other occasions a more Balinese lunch with spring rolls, lemper and pisang goreng or soto. Dinner was also very much to look forward to, with Balinese chicken we can recommend or nasi goreng with sate, bami goreng with babi pangang or ajam pangang and last but not least the best dish in the world, rendang sapi. Just ask Mari and she’ll make it happen. You can even refer to me (Nevlynn) and she’ll walk you through all the delicious food we have had. We have come to see Meri, Komang, Pak Putu and Komang Novi (also helps out in the villa but works at the snackbar) as close friends. We will always keep them in a special place in our hearts and will fondly think back to our days in the villa. If you feel or have ever felt doubt to stay in this villa, silence that tiny voice. This will be one of your best choices you will ever make when choosing a holiday destination.

Nevlynn Jansen, the Netherlands